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About Struer and Denmark

Struer is well known in the world because of two far-sighted men, who founded Bang & Olufsen in 1925 - one of the world's leading manufacturers of hi-fi equipment and televisions.

The Bang & Olufsen company is situated on the outskirts of Struer and plays an important role for the occupations and trades for the region. 25 % of the companies located in Struer are related to the information technology line of business.

Besides the IT-business, graphic and telecommunication companies, traditional trades such as building and construction industry, the metallic industries and agriculture are also major trades in Struer Kommune.

Bridge at Oddesund, children at Bremdal Primary School and Marilyn Anne.

Facts about Struer

  • Struer has a population of almost 23.000 inhabitants widely spread within an area of 250 km2
  • The municipality of Struer is the municipality in Denmark where most people are employed in the IT-business (26,4 % of the inhabitants)
  • The Municipality of Struer is proclaimed to be the best municipality in tobacco prevention in Denmark
  • The coastline of 136 km - means that there are 6 meters of coast to every resident citizen in the municipality
  • The famous artist and essayist Asger Jorn was born in Vejrum near Struer in 1914.
  • The city of Struer is the youngest borough in Denmark (1917)
  • The Municipality of Struer is the fifteenth smallest municipality in Denmark
  • In 1947, you would have to pay 35 øre pr. m2 for a plot of land with view of the Limfjord bay
  • The municipality attracts around 250 newcomers from about 42 countries every year
  • A ferry crossing to Venø takes two minutes (266 m)
  • Struer Museum has an exhibition based only on the company Bang & Olufsen
  • The famous former american football kicker Morten Andersen had his upbringing in Struer before moving to the United States as a Youth For Understanding exchange student (1977)


You can learn more about the municipality of Struer in this online book:

Religious communities

The main congregation in Struer is the Lutheran Evangelical Church which is also the main congregation in Denmark. In the nearby town of Lemvig (20 km. to the west) you can find a Catholic church. a Baptist - and a Pentecost Church can also be found in the town of Holstebro (south, 10 minutes ride by train)

Facts about Denmark

Denmark is a constitutional monarchy with a queen as head of state and a prime minister as head of government. Denmark consists of Denmark proper, Greenland and the Faeroe Islands.

  • A little over 1.1 million inhabitants under 17 years of age
  • About 800,000 over 65 years of age
  • Almost 3 million people of working age
  • Danes comprise about 1.1% of the EU population
  • Denmark consists of the Jutland peninsula (Jylland), the islands of Funen (Fyn) and Zealand (Sjælland), and 404 smaller islands.
  • Total area: 43,098.29 km2
  • Total coastline: 7,300 km
  • Highest point: 173 m above sea level


Spring comes in April. June, July and August are usually the warmest months with an average temperature of 22 C. There are quite many beautiful sunny days during the summer, and the temperature can go up to 30 C. The autumn often has beautiful sunny and mild days, and the colours of the leaves change into yellow, red and orange. It gets colder in October, and January is usually the coldest month with an average temperature of 0 C. You are strongly advised to bring warm and waterproof clothes if you are staying during winter.

It can, however, rain in Denmark at all times of the year - therefore rain clothes or an umbrella is always a nice thing to have. As for snow, it is not something you can be certain to experience. Some winters, Denmark gets a lot of snow (0,5 m) and other winters nothing or next to nothing.

The weather in the area of Struer is no different than the weather in the rest of Denmark - it changes often!

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