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Latest update on the Corona virus/Covid-19

Visit for the latest update on the Corona virus/Covid-19.
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Updated: Tuesday 24 March, 7.45 p.m. 
The Danish Government has on Wednesday 11 March implemented a number of measures to combat the spread of COVID-19-virus in Denmark. The measures will have several consequences for the municipality’s operations. An overview of the consequences can be found below.

This page will be updated continuously with information about which local consequences the government’s new initiatives will have. Stay updated at or the municipality’s Facebook page.

At it’s possible to find information regarding national conditions regarding COVID-19.

At the bottom of this page materials containing advice and instructions relating to COVID-19 can be found.


Concerning healthcare related questions regarding COVID-19. Phone: 25 33 49 67

Jobcenter (job centre) – ydelseskontoret (payment office). Phone: 96 84 84 84

Borgerservice (public service). Phone: 96 84 84 84

Disabilities, social security, and psychiatry. Phone: 96 84 83 33

Borgerservice (public service)

  • Borgerservice (public service) can be reached at 96 84 84 84. 
  • If you are a citizen with an urgent need for help relating to acute applications for passport, NemID or help relating to applications for payments through Udbetaling Danmark, you can call Struer Municipality’s main phone number 96 84 84 84 for help. READ MORE HERE

Schools and daycare

  • There will be emergency care at every school for those children who don’t have any other option for care.
    • Emergency care is available for the following children:
      • 0-10-year-old children whose parents perform crucial duties in the public sector. Parents must have tried to find alternative childcare options.
      • 0-10-year-old children whose parents work in a private company that hasn’t sent its employees home. Parents must have tried to find alternative childcare options.
      • Children and adolescents who have special social, educational, or therapeutic needs, including cases where the conditions in the child or adolescent’s home justify emergency care.
      • The administration will be of service when it comes to assessing whether you are part of the target group for emergency care.
      • The lunch scheme will not be available in any childcare facilities. 
  • Aside from the above mentioned all students and children are to stay at home.
  • Ungdomsskolen (the youth school) is closed from 12 March until and including week 13
  • Marilyn Ann is closed, and the students have been sent home.
  • Struer Skolehjem’s 24-hour facilities are kept open. More information concerning the school is to follow.
  • Bus services is temporarily paused. Special transport can be arranged with the individual school.
  • Sundhedsplejen (health care) is closed for consultations at schools. It’s possible to get consultations over the phone as usual.

Jobcenter (job centre)

  • Jobcenteret (job centre) and the payment office are closed for personal service. You can call directly to your caseworker at jobcenteret or use the main number 96 84 84 84.
  • Inquiries to the payment office can be made through jobcenteret’s main e-mail or at 96 84 84 84.

Children and families

  • Contact to Børne- og Familiecenteret (children- and family centre): The phone number for the department of Børn og Familie (children and family) is open during usual opening hours at 96 84 85 55. Here you can receive help when it comes to contact information for employees in every one of Børn og Familie’s departments.

You can also write to the department’s mailbox:

  • The Administration: All employees are working from home and can be contacted by e-mail.
  • Familierådgivningen (family counseling): All social workers are working from home and can be contacted by e-mail or phone.
  • Pædagogisk Psykologisk Rådgivning (PPR) (pedagogical psychological counselling): All employees are working from home and can be contacted by e-mail.
  • Familiehuset (the family house): The family therapists are working from home and can be contacted by e-mail or phone. Contact to families and children/adolescents is mainly made by phone or other digital options.
  • Åben Anonym Rådgivning (open anonymous counselling): Functions as usual.
  • Sundhedsplejen (health care) is responsible for home visits for new-borns. Sundhedsplejen will call ahead to the families to minimize the risk of infection. 

All of sundhedsplejen’s appointments at schools are cancelled.

It’s possible to get consultations over the phone for everyone.

  • Åbent hus, Familieiværksætterne, and Overvægtsklinikken are closed. It’s possible to get consultations over the phone. Families who have booked appointments at the clinic will be contacted by phone instead.
  • Nordstjernen is only open to children who live there permanently, as well as staff. 

Aflastningen (relief care) is closed.

The Healthcare Sector

  • Visitationen will have a few employees on call who are only handling discharges from the hospital and the emergency department
  • Tandplejen (dental care) will have emergency care services for dental trauma and toothache available. Call Tandplejen’s main phone number 96 84 85 50 between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. to learn whether it’s possible to get treatment.
  • CTN – information for citizens who are taking part in a course at CTN can be found here:
  • Aktivitetsområdet including aktivitetscenteret is closed.
  • Sundhedscenter Struer (health centre Struer) is closed.

Culture and Recreation

  • The Library is closed.
  • Struer Svømmehal (swimming facility) is closed.
  • Musikskolen (music school) is closed.
  • The municipality’s parish community centres are closed for both private and business functions.
  • All municipal amenities for leisure-time education are closed.
  • All municipal amenities including sports fields are closed for recreational activities.
  • Club rooms and the like of associations which are placed in municipal amenities are closed.

Disabilities, social services, psychiatry

  • Center midtbyen, Fjordbo, Fønixgården, Troia, and Ung Ved Fjorden will only be open to employees and residents. Relatives are not to visit these facilities.
  • Studie Ved Fjorden is closed.
  • VIA NOVA is closed.
  • Myndighed (authority), administration, hjemmevejledning (home guidance), and Mestring and Forebyggelsesindsatsen (coping and prevention efforts) are closed for enquiries in person. You can contact your caseworker, home adviser, or contact person directly by e-mail or phone. For any other inquiries call 96 84 83 33.

Senior Citizen Services

  • Hjemmeplejen (home care) will have weekend level staffing starting Friday 13 March. No temp agencies will be used.
  • Assisted care facilities will only be open for employees and residents. Relatives are not to visit residents.
  • Food will be delivered from Kostområdet as usual.

Ferries, roads, harbour, etc.

  • The Venø Ferry will sail as usual. Passagers are to stay in their cars.
  • The operations on Struer Harbour will be maintained.
  • Municipal recycling centres are closed but waste collection will continue.


  • All public sector employees in non-critical positions are working from home starting Friday 13 March provisionally until and including Mondag 13 April. All employees are available via e-mail or phone.
  • Moving in to Velfærdshuset is for the time being postponed to 1 May 2020. 

Struer Municipality has appointed a COVID-19 group consisting of:

  • Jesper Thyrring Møller, municipal chief executive. Phone: 29 25 65 11. E-mail:
  • Lotte Junker Pedersen, manager. Phone: 21 19 13 68. E-mail:
  • Jacob Bisgaard, manager. Phone: 20 86 60 37. E-mail:
  • Tina Holmgaard, head of centre. Phone: 25 33 49 67. E-mail:
  • Rasmus Døj, communications consultant. Phone: 25 34 56 15. E-mail:
  • Lars Erik Møller Leth, Nordvestjyllands fire brigade. Phone: 22 85 39 76. E-mail:
  • Gert Christensen, Teamleader, Phone: 24 75 74 06. E-mail:


The COVID-19 group can be contacted regarding questions concerning the consequences that the measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 will have for the operations of Struer Municipality. The group will have review meetings via Skype at least once a day.

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